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In Issue 1, Volume 1, Bombshell, we were all about explosions–poetic shrapnel. Armageddon is the explosive aftermath. Issue 1, Volume 2 considers large-scale societal disruption and science-fictional futures with pieces like “Classification Review of Official NASA Boofing Protocol” and “Suit Soup.” Other works emphasize the “micro-apocalypse,” the moments in our lives that feel destructive, dystopic, and apocalyptic, such as in “Epileptic Morning” and “like a cockroach.” Current modern life’s precarity feels both cataclysmic and mundane–hopeless yet festering with possibility. 


This issue showcases the ugly sides of life: the weird, the wild, the messy. Wholistically, Bombshell Armageddon emphasizes the destruction we face as a world and society. It’s starting to feel like judgment day, people. Time’s up. 

Issue 1, Volume 2: Armageddon

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