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Are you interested in gaining writing and publishing experience while helping our editors publish excellent work? If yes, this is the role for you!



  • Editorial interns read and vote on submissions.

  • Help proofread the issue before it goes live.

  • Write one book review or interview (up to 700 words).

  • Time commitment: 4 hours/week from the submission deadline to the publication date.

  • We can sign off on volunteer hours. 

  • Editorial Intern position runs for one issue cycle, but may be extended based on quality of work and demand. 



  • Applicants must love reading genre fiction, poetry, and miscellaneous writing (like hybrid poetry and comics).

  • We’re looking for English students or those with experience in the writing field (like English, Journalism, or Creative Writing). Prove that you have what it takes, and the job is yours.

  •  Our team is located across North America but primarily in Canada.

Reasons to Volunteer as an Editorial Intern

Gain Experience

  • Volunteering with us will show you the behind the scenes of how a lit mag operates, provides publishing and editorial experience, and can lead to more opportunities! Volunteer work in a literary magazine can boost your CV and resume for future paid positions in the literary and arts community!

  • Expand your network by working with other writers passionate about the literary community. Half the battle of writing and publishing is networking, networking, networking!

Meet Writers

Expand your network by working with other writers passionate about the literary community.

Improve Your Own Writing

Reading is the best way to improve your writing. By volunteering as a reader, you'll be exposed to a wide variety of work and learn what you love and how to incorporate it into your writing style and craft.

Improve Your Own Submissions Approach

Get the inside scoop on how to get published. See what catches the editor's eye and learn how to increase success with your submissions. Seeing fantastic work rejected due to final issue compilation, topic recurrence, timing, etc., will give you invaluable insights into your acceptances/rejections.

Literary Citizenship

Contribute to the community you love by donating your time, and have a great time doing it!

How to Apply

Please send an email to Aliza Prodaniuk and Delane Just with your cover letter and resume/cv.


Your letter should answer the following: 

  • Why are you a good fit for this role?

  • How will this role help you long-term?

  • What do you consider "good writing"?

  • What do you consider "bad writing"?

  • What kind of writing experience do you have? Do you have any publications or publishing experience?

  • What is your favourite book and genre?

Personal info to include: 

  • Name/pseudonym

  • Pronouns

  • Contact information (email, province of residence)

  • Link to social media, if applicable

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